This is the streetrod that got us started in 2006. I was looking to go overseas to work a high risk job and my Father asked me what I really wanted to do. I told him that it had always been a dream to build hotrods for a living. He said if I stayed here in Pekin he would help me build our first hotrod,I stayed and we built this all original steel 1939 Chevy Sedan. It was our first hotrod we ever built and the first interior my Father ever put together. Now we have built cars together before but not on this level or to this degree and definitely not a streetrod. I started out by building VWs and other mild custom cars and trucks but could never afford to build a streetrod. With my Dads financial backing and his free labor we started this car. On our first outing it was at the Indy Goodguys in 2006 we won a Goodguys Class Act award and got to meet Boyd and Jo Coddington who not only awarded me the trophy but also signed it. We were stunned that we got picked for an award right out of the box on the first car we built together. That car ended up winning 7 national awards,a spot on Horsepower Tv episode HP2006-14 and full coverage on a Lowrider Video called Midwest Street Rides and was used for advertising Streetridepro products. Dad retired from Komatsu as an Engineer and we opened up shop and have been building cool cars ever since. Thanks Mom and Dad for the opportunity and for believing in me.