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How can I get going with Jesus again? What must I do to reestablish my relationship with him? That sounds like a question of what is the minimum required? But it ain’t. It really ain’t. "Tell me if you will. Tell me LORD how to get started again. Let me rise to the occasion and put life back in my soul. Let me sail the heavens and probe the depths of the sea. Let me fly beyond the stars and reach the resources of heaven. Let me walk with you in the cool of the day and the heat of the battle. Let me be your wife, your friend, your companion, your lover. Let me , let me, let me."

" If any man will open the door I will come in and sup with him."

"Sounds like it’s on my side."

" Behold I stand at the door and knock."

" Ok, I’ll open the door and see what happens. I’ll lift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. I will rise to the occasion and sing out like a trumpet. I’ll walk the streets of heaven. I’ll raise up my voice. Where’s the door knob? ".

"Behold I stand at the door and knock."

"What will it take? As I open the door and you come in, how will I serve you? I’ll wash your feet and anoint your head. I’ll bring you refreshment and kill the fatted calf. I’ll give you the best of everything. I’ll blow the trumpet from the housetop to tell all that you are my guest. I’ll light every lamp in the house. Turn the heat up to comfortable. Sit a pillow behind your back and give you the best to drink. I’ll bring you a warm washrag to refresh yourself with. Grapes and pomegranates. Peaches and cream. Hagendase Ice-cream. Sit here or there. Let me rub your back. Let me rub your feet. Is there anything you would like? A blanket for your feet? Here’s a fresh cup of coffee. Lemon and honey?

I don’t want you in my life I want you to be my life. Your pleasure is my desire. I must perceive what will make you happy."

"You don’t understand. Your fellowship is all I need. Not your service. Stop what you are doing and come and sit beside me. Lean you head on my shoulder. Here let me comfort you. Everything is good with me. Everything is alright. Rest my love and stay here beside me. Let me comfort you. Are your feet warm? Is there something I can do for you my love? Don’t you understand? I’m here for you. "