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Deeterminging process time is necessary to control costs, to plan productioon, to motivate workers,   EXAMPLE This shop was set up on the Lincoln incentive management plan. Fro years it functioned so well that cost were controlled, production was not an issue, and shop floor management was reduced to a minimum. Men were concerned about quality to the nth degree despite the naysayers. There were afew issues on the floor with greedy workers stealing each others time units but it was kept to a barea aminimun at the floor level and among the men. Unit steeling was not to be tolerated. This would take place at shift change by the ending worker taking elements of work that hed did not do. This would  be rectified at the next shift change. If indeed it was a mistake, then it would be taken care of then and there. The shop was an orginized, well managed place to work. It was fun and chalanging. The man starting his shift would determined the step he had to finish to make his bonus value. God help the one that interfered. If there was bad work done previously, he had to repair it without bonus. Absorb the bad time as it was called. The defect wasnt handed off to someone else to repair. That is counter to good practice. You screwed it up, you fix it. You spilled the milk, get the mop. Responsibility.  MRP was actually done by the man doing the job. The second incintive for doing good work was getting a good job. The foreman knew his men and their capabilities and a form of punishment was met by assigning jobs with little incinitve posibility to the screw up and good paying jobs to those who deserved it.