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Blessed is the name of Jesus and the dominion we have inherited from him.

Too bad we choose to live well below it by the deception of waiting for it to come.

The mind set ingrained into us through unknown factors, first makes us doubt our worthiness to receive the gifts of God and then takes away from those who actually believed the power to use them that have accepted the gifts given.

      Worthiness is not an issue as we can never be worthy of even looking at the face of Jesus.

Who’s shoe I am not worthy to tie.

The use of the gifts given is not predicated on your worthiness but upon the need of others.

Get out of your self.

This does not preclude you remaining pure in heart and soul.

Do you commit adultery though happily married?

And so it goes. I’ve said it many times, “Real Christians don’t need rules.” This is misunderstood by many, by thinking that Christianity give you the freedom to do as you please.

Wrong. Christianity gives you the freedom from doing as you please.

You are to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost.

And least that I be misunderstood and generate a Son of Sam here, the Holy Ghost will not require of you anything that will go against the nine fruit of the Spirit and the verses in Corinthians on love.

Also, Master which are the greatest of commandments?

And the answer, That you love the Lord your God and your neighbor as your self.

Oh you stand by the bed of a loved on who is sick beyond belief and wish that you could reach out and heal them. Your unbelief restrains you. If you only knew the gift of God within you. (There friend is the key.) how well do you know the Gift within you? The Holy Ghost must become central in our lives. It must be our constant companion for how can I get to know it without constant companionship? How well do you know your wife? Perhaps then, you should spend more time together and get to know each other. In the beginning a newly married man was not even required to go to war for the first year of marriage. The key to long lasting relationships is getting to know one another. Scripture; I an the good shepherd and know my sheep and am known of mine. How many years does it take to convert known into know? Known is a continuing process but know is; there is not a facet undiscovered.

The Gifts of the Spirit are love powered and self does not play any roll where love is concerned. To love someone and be concerned with what others think of you love for them, and the related actions, within the constrains of good manners least one misunderstands, is not love. It is infatuation. Peter loveest thou me more than these? The constrains of love are those things that bind you to one another. Back to “to know” knowing the Spirit is to understand the voice of the Spirit and to act accordingly. What is the depth of knowing? Or the height? Or the width? How can I get to know him? Priorities brother, priorities.