Dedicated to those who would like to build HOT RODS.    My son and I have worked on quite a few cars for friends and neighbors in our hobby  together. Bikes, Rods, Customs, Our own cars, Jeeps, and family cars. Those cars we build are always trophy winners. The 39 Chevy to your left has more awards than one can imagine.  It was my first upholstery job. The seats were done by a friend named Kevin Jackson. I tried my hand at doing an upholstery job for a customer once and found it not to my liking. Customers are hard to deal with.  So with that in mind;

Inside these pages are instructions, build books, pictures, Bible teachings, and what ever I feel like doing. After spending over forty years in a factory, it is time to do what you want to. I welded for a great part of my life and loved it. Robotics came into play and I found them to be fascinating.  Soon, my position in management required me to write welding instructions and procedures for the shop floor and for our customers world wide. Factory planning, shop layout, workflow, and equipment requirements were part of my function.  Fulfillment? Sure.

Now time is dedicated to things that I like to do.  An upholstery job or two, a patio, kitchen remods, and travel with my wife of fifty years.  And the such like. Some writing involved along with Bible study in a new group online produced by Harvard University. No, not for a degree. Just for fun. Visiting with grandchildren, children, and friends.