so Loved" is in the past tense.


And this is Jesus speaking , so it couldn't be about the crucifixion.

Is it about his birth?

Another thing that stands out is the limiter adverb "so".

How much is "so"?

Is this an expression of the depth of love or does it indicate how?

"only begotten son"

Adam was not begotten but created.

Eve was not created but of Adam.

All civilization came from a union between Adam and Eve which equals flesh and flesh with the spirit of life.

Adam was created of the earth and God breathed into him the breath NUMA of life. A creation of God from his creation with his life energy in him.

Adam was led by the acknowledgement that God was his creator and that God was supreme

What does this verse say unto me?

That God loves his creation without reserve.

That there are questions that are unanswerable to us mortals.

Questions that tax the limits of this finite mind.

So loved that he Gave.

When? What? Who? how?

I know that oneness Pentecost feel that God wrapped himself in the flesh and walked among us.

but isn't this true of all mankind?

Are we not all sons of God?

Was he talking in the Spirit realm.

That he gave his son to the world.

The Spirit takes on flesh and becomes man.

New Age and spiritualist feel that man was at one time a free spirit inhabiting the universe.

To develop attributes that are not possible for a spirit to develop, they must become flesh and be limited to the five senses.

Bound to this earth by the bondage of the flesh and the unknown; the limits of knowledge, they must develop these attributes.

Flesh, because of the difficulty put upon it by the bondage of death and the works of the flesh, wants to limit itself to the earth and the pleasures of the five senses.

This puts a great difficulty upon the spirit to build the fruit of the spirit; Love Joy Peace----------.

By envisioning the realm by this aspect seems to put a greater light upon the Scripture.

Mormonism and new age and JW's and Indians might have some small insight into the spirit realm.

THE VOICE UPON THE WALL Friday, April 17, 2009

John3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.