Herein is a group of thoughts on the reasons for the universe and all that is therein.

The wisdom of the universe is the basis of all learning. In all your getting, get wisdom.

Wisdom and knowledge go hand in hand.  When one begins to investigate the universe and the reason for the universe, they find they must go way beyond the earth, people, things, and form new reasons and directions within their minds.

Great men, mighty physicists, astronomers, men of mystery, all eventually come to the same conclusion.

“There aint no way this was all an accident.”

References in these group of writings have tapped into the wisdom of ages in the written history left behind. Amazing as it may seem, there is nothing new under this sun.

Pro 1:1-9  Proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel:  For knowing wisdom and instruction, For understanding sayings of intelligence, For receiving the instruction of wisdom, Righteousness, judgment, and uprightness, For giving to simple ones--prudence, To a youth--knowledge and discretion.

(The wise doth hear and increaseth learning, And the intelligent doth obtain counsels.) For understanding a proverb and its sweetness, Words of the wise and their acute sayings. Fear of Jehovah is a beginning of knowledge, Wisdom and instruction fools have despised!

 Hear, my son, the instruction of thy father, And leave not the law of thy mother, For a graceful wreath are they to thy head, And chains to thy neck. ylt

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